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- About Daniel -

Daniel Tonin has hospitality in his blood. His family opened ‘Mamma Vittoria’ in Smith St, Collingwood back in 1982, a restaurant that is still going strong over 30 years later. Daniel spent his school holidays as a 9 and 10 year old, helping out his parents in the restaurant, and quite literally grew up making pasta.

In 1992, his mother and father opened ‘Pasta Classica’, a retail store selling their beautiful homemade pasta to the public, which soon became a favourite with locals, as well as restauranteurs.

In 2005, after Daniel and his father decided to exhibit at a Melbourne pasta convention, they attracted a huge amount of attention, not only for the quality of their pasta, but for the flavours, textures, colours and unique flavour combinations, which were both eye catching and delicious, and before long added a long list of deli’s, chefs, caterers and hotel restaurants to their customer base.

As the company went from strength to strength, Daniel left his BioMedical degree at university and travelled to Italy, to look at some industrial pasta equipment to handle the volumes required by the growing success of Pasta Classica.

Whilst in Como, Daniel spent time with a global equipment manufacturer, and helped create the blueprint for the design for a new type of machine to produce Tortelloni (giant tortellini) that went on to sell thousands of units into Europe and South America.

Daniel’s time in Italy reinforced for him that pasta was his true calling, and he traded lectures at university for a place in the family business, as Sales Manager, Head of Product and Design. Daniel’s flair for creativity is evident, as he continues to push boundaries, marrying unexpected ingredients to produce incredible taste sensations that have Melbourne’s top chefs raving, and his own father describing him as an artisan, and a genius.

Daniel’s passion extends beyond just dreaming up new flavours, and he loves to share his knowledge and wealth of experience with aspiring home chefs, teaching them the fine art of the perfect pasta dough, as well as how to recreate some of his best fillings, from the classic, to exotic at home.

Daniel can be found on Twitter and Instagram, talking about a few of his favourite things: pasta, his beautiful wife and gorgeous daughter, as well as Cuban cigars. You can connect with him here:

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